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Sicily Region


Sicily is located in the central Mediterranean Sea, south of the Italian Peninsula, from which it is separated by the narrow Strait of Messina. Its most prominent landmark is Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe, and one of the most active in the world, currently 3,329 m (10,922 ft) high. The island has a typical Mediterranean climate. Sicily has a roughly triangular shape, earning it the name Trinacria. Sicilian coasts are made by never-ending, flat and sandy beaches, or small seashores made of pebbles and cliffs; every site is characterized by different color blends such as: ochre, yellow, and grey, there are even beaches black lava colored. Sicily has got 77 green pearls, natural reserves where the Mediterranean landscape can be admired. Because of its Greek origin and the many different occupation during the past, Sicily has a unique culture and it’s probably the region with the richest arts especially regarding music, cuisine, literature and architecture.