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The Marches Region


From the mountains to the sea everything is a treasure, beautiful landscapes, art, architecture, flavors. A distillate of the very best of Italy, the perfect expression of an extraordinary multiplicity, always amazing and full of surprise. Whenever you come back and travel through its valleys, it seems to be always the first time. Villages, cities, nature, treasure troves immersed in the sweetest and most harmonious landscape of Italy without any dissonance. Treasure chests of Art: Enchanting villages and towered vestiges from an illustrious past, among patrician palaces, fortified towns and some of the most splendid churches and abbey in Italy. The variety of the Marches landscapes is mirrored by an equally wide range of products that take shape here, from design furniture and accessories to tailored suits and clothes, handmade jewels, shoes and bags successfully exported all over the world. Not failing to mention the endless culinary delicacies, the best expression of local flavors, and the large number of theaters that makes the marches a real Region on the stage with a great and rooted vocation to tread the boards.